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Saskatoon Track N Trail club is open to everyone. Our club has generally two areas of interest for most who join, recreational motorcycling and ATV riders.

Otopasso Track is south of Saskatoon provides 150 acres of sand hills and trails of which are excellent for beginners and all levels of riding. Trails also provide terrain that is more challenging for those who wish to practice their riding at an intermediate or even professional level. Track N Trail operates three official Motocross Tracks. These tracks are home to CMRC Provincial championship races as well as many other local events. Each week there are a number of events happening, please see our calendar for information about events taking place at Otopasso.

Club History, by Anthony Towstego

Nice job on the site everyone! Well done! I intend to join this spring, for sure. I will be sending pics of myself from Ottopaso. I will also send pics of the old timers event held there in July 1988 that Brent Boyenko and I held. It was attended by original founders of the track n trail club, from all over Canada! I think it’s important to have a section on your site that speaks to the history of the club and how long it has been in existence! For example, the two hour was started in 1974, a concept originated by Don Wright, who is now passed away. The ‘Ice Breaker’ was a Brent and James Boyenko concept that got things going with the first one held in the early 80’s! A history with Zoli Berenie and Kenny and Johny Zart riding on the land are memorable. People like Paul Imrie, my brother Lon Towstego, Stan Shewchuck, Chris and Rick Cummings, deserve to be mentioned for the amazing original lobby efforts they did in securing the land. The fact the club was founded thirty years ago is critical information for any potential new members. There could be discussion about the original Saskatoon Club, called “The Prairie Dusters MX club” I hope this information can be included in a section, CLUB HISTORY. Thanks Anthony Towstego, former Secretary Treasurer 1980,81,88.

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Tony suggests we list the past team winners of the Two Hour race, perhaps we can assemble a list from the trophy in the near future.

2014 Club Executives

Curtis Hermanson


Vice President
Kal Dietz


Chris Church


Todd Dobmeier


Chris Bill

Steven Balzer

Steven Joorisity

Steven Marcoux


CMRC Rider Representative
Curtis Hermanson


The club executives are elected by the membership annually.