The Track

Otopasso Trails consists of 150 acres of shared pastureland. When entering the property be cautious on the access road as you are sharing space with recreation vehicles and likewise while riding. Please no riding on the access road.

There are specific rules posted for riding that are prepared for the safety of everyone so please become familiar with them.

The perimeter of the property provides an excellent ride consisting of several sand hills, whoops and trails. This area tends to be less traveled and provides a great place to become familiar with your new machine. When riding in this area always ride with a friend or family member to ensure assistance in the event you have difficulty. It is always a good idea to ride slower at first and yield to other riders if you are new to the area as there tends to be particular direction of riding that prevails.

The Otopasso facility contains 3 separate motocross tracks, one of which is designed for motorcycles under 85cc (2-stroke) or 150cc (4-stroke). The main track is the regions finest natural terrain sand track and is great for endurance training. The third track is tighter, more technical track, excellent for training skills. Otopasso is known for its large soft berms and flying roost. The facility also contains natural terrain grassy trails, hills, and a large valley for recreational riding.


Driving Directions:

Otopasso Trails has located approximately 20km south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Highway 219 south.

Highway 219 is the highway to Outlook, SK and also the southbound extension of Lorne Avenue. Lorne Avenue or Highway 219 South access is at the Saskatoon exhibition grounds junction running past the Western Development Museum.

Highway 219 can be accessed from the north side of the city by following the Idlewyle Drive Freeway south to the Ruth Street exit. Take a left at the stop sign and a right at the next four way stop.

From the East, follow Highway 16 into Saskatoon and take the Lorne Avenue exit to the stop sign, turn left to the four way stop and turn left again onto Highway 219 South.

Once on Highway 219 South leaving Saskatoon, continue following Highway 219 until you pass the Beaver Creek Conservation Area signs and access on your right. Once you pass through the small valley and a small correction curve to the left you will be heading due south and the track access is approximately three kms on the right. Watch for event signs posted along the way on race days and please drive carefully as the highway becomes very narrow the last few kms. Welcome to Otopasso.


Track Area:

The access road from Highway 219 provides signs with general rules for the riding area, please read these and participate, they are for everyone's' safety.

Once into the main area you will see the main track starting gate and a storage area with track maintaining equipment. This central area is restricted to first gear and idle speed while riding, again for everyone's safety as well as reducing noise in the area.

Parking and pitting is permitted in this area preferably along the edges of the main area. Please be careful where you park avoiding the possibility of blocking someone in. Past the starting gate to the left leads to additional pit area with ample space to park. Feel free to use this area and always use the trash containers provided or better yet take the waste home with you.